Trout Unlimited Colorado Pontoon Boat:

This has been an interesting and very enjoyable product to test. This 9 foot pontoon boat is very versatile and I would recommend it for anyone interested in buying a pontoon boat. The only issue with this boat is its weight. It is heavy by pontoon boat standards, approximately 70 pounds. The weight will increase with whatever is inside the pockets or attached. If you have to carry it a long distance to your destination I would not use this boat. The reasons why this boat is so heavy are why it is great though too. The boat is very durable. It also comes with a small motor mount, cooler basket, and anchor system. It has numerous pockets and has solid rests for your oars. Due to the size (9 feet) it can be taken down rivers or paddled through lakes with confidence. I have been dragging the pontoons through gravel, sticks, and dirt without any worry of tearing through the material. With the anchor system that is provided you can set up on a lake, without worrying about battling a breeze. There is also a net with a measurement marker that stretches below your seat. It makes it convenient to measure any fish you catch.

This is a one seat boat. The seat is held in place by 4 butterfly screws. Twist these screws tight before each trip (with your hands is fine) because they will have a tendency to come loose with all the movement while you are out. Also keep the rubber stops on the oars screwed in tight. They will also have a tendency to slip over time if you don’t. These are easy things to do, so don’t worry about it. The boat is a reasonable price and can be found at numerous sporting goods stores


9 feet.

7 foot oars

400 pound capacity

20 + pockets

2 drink holders

Motor mount

Cooler rest

Rod holder

3 oar lock positions

69 pounds total weight

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